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Carbon for SAP HANA

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Your symptoms

  1. There is no user access control function in a native HANA system
  2. There is no easy way to find users and manage them in user lists
  3. It takes hours to lock users for maintenance and upgrades 
  4. and hours later to give them access to the system again
  5. Users get forgotten or unintentionally locked out...
  6. It is a manual and error-prone process ....

Your fix! Carbon, the user control app for SAP HANA Native systems *

  • Simple User Interface
  • Embedded user search function
  • Easy user list management
  • Import function for user lists
  • Lock-all-users-except-function
  • Unlock-selected-users-function
  • Unlock or lock users from a previous run
  • Thorough action logging
  • Clear error logging & easy exception handling
  • ...

Carbon is an SAP UI5 application running on SAP HANA and needs no additional software or licensing.

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